Treasures Report 2021

Financial Position

  • At the end of the financial year we had £7,004 in our accounts compared with £7,057 at the start of the year.  We made a small loss of £53 for the year.
  • As a result of the Covid-19 virus all our meetings were held on Zoom so we had no income from meetings (associate membership, guest fees and refreshments) this year.
  • However whilst we paid for a Zoom licence and made a donation of £25 to all our speakers our expenditure was considerably reduced because we didn’t have to hire Trinity Methodist Church for meetings or to pay speakers travelling expenses.

Development Fund

  • We didn’t spend any money from our development fund and still have approximately £1,680 in the fund.


  • Our most significant risk is the impact that the Covid-19 Virus emergency will have on our 2021/22 programme. It is uncertain how many people will attend our meetings when we return to Trinity Methodist Church and how many people will join as associate members.


  • We have approximately £5,300 in our accounts, not including the development fund, and this is more than three times our normal annual expenditure.  
  • We are in a healthy financial position which should enable the branch to weather the difficult situation in 2021/22 caused by the Covid-19 Virus emergency.
  • We do not need to consider any increases in our subscriptions or charges.
  • The2020/21 accounts have been reviewed and approved by the Auditor and are shown here

Andy Moir

Hon. Treasurer

September 2021