DRAFT MINUTES of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of ESSEX BRANCH of the HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION held Saturday 25th September 2021 at 2.30pm. (Transmitted by Zoom)


  1. Apologies for Absence: Judith Deane
  2. MINUTES of AGM held on the 26th September 2020 –Acceptance .  Proposed – Andy Moir Seconded- Wendy Walder
  3. ANNUAL BRANCH REPORT –   Acceptance. Proposed – Andy Moir. Seconded- Tony Tuckwell

The Treasurer reported that the branch maintains a healthy balance. Acceptance of the report — proposed by Debbie Cresswell and seconded by Tony Tuckwell

4 (b) A donation of £75 to Victoria County History – proposed by Ian Mason and seconded by Debbie Cresswell

5 (a) VOTE of THANKS to INDEPENDENT EXAMINER (Tony Eve) by Paul Rusiecki and seconded by Andy Moir

5 (b) APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT EXAMINER – It was unanimously agreed that Trevor Eve would continue in this role.

  • ELECTION OF CHAIR – Vice- Chair (Tony Tuckwell) took the chair for the election of Chair. Ian Mason was proposed as Chair and was unanimously accepted. He then took over the meeting.
  • ELECTION OF BRANCH OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE- The current officers agreed to remain in their current posts and were unanimously elected as follows- Vice Chair- Tony Tuckwell: Hon. Treasurer- Andy Moir: Hon. Secretary- Liz Cadzow:  Membership Secretary – Wendy Walder: Programme Secretary – Martin Frampton:  Management of Equipment for meeting place – John Symonds :  -Branch Archivist – Paul Rusiecki :  Education (Liaison and Development) : Committee member- Liaison with H0-Debbie Cresswell.- All officers were elected.
  • Thanks and appreciation  were given to Shirley Durgan for her long standing commitment to Essex Branch.

The meeting was followed with a talk by Ken Walpole, “No Matter how many skies have fallen – Back to the land in Wartime Britain”